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A WOMAN who is covered head to toe in tattoos has opened up about how much she regrets her inkings.

Sara revealed she first started getting tattoos when she was in her twenties and loved them at the time – but now she likened it to wearing the same shirt every day and wished she’d thought twice.

Sara has black and white designs all over, including on her chest, arms and even neck. 

Speaking about her inkings, the 36-year-old confessed: “Imagine if you will that you put a shirt on once when you were in your twenties – and now you have to wear that for the rest of your life.

“And that is what it feels like to get heavily tattooed before you turn into a fully developed adult human.” 

Sara continued on her TikTok account @saraovershares: “There’s a lot of reasons to regret my tattoos but today specifically I wanted to talk about not matching my aesthetic.”

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The social media user continued that when she was in her twenties, her body art went well with personality, as she described herself as “dark, spooky and moody.”

However, she said it was the total opposite of her “more femme, girly” vibe now and wears “a lot of white and ruffles” that she feels doesn’t match her heavily tattooed look.

Sara explained: “I think if you asked almost anybody that’s over 30 if they have a better idea of who they are in their thirties than they did in their twenties, they’re going to be like, ‘Oh my God, yes!’ 

“I have all of these tattoos that don’t necessarily reflect who I am at 36, they might have reflected a moment in time in my twenties.

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Sara stressed the importance of knowing that tattoos “are there forever”, as she added that it would be too long a process to have hers totally removed.

She said: “Before anybody says anything, no I’m not getting all of my tattoos removed, that’s not even feasible, don’t even suggest it.”

And while she insisted the tattoo artists who had inked her were very talented, she said she wished she’d never had them done. 

Sara continued: “No shade to the artists, I still get a ton of compliments on them, I just wish that they weren’t on my body.”

She then signed off her video with a lesson to her followers, saying that she wishes she had listened to other people who warned her she’d come to regret her body art.

Sara concluded: “I also wanted to come on here and put myself out there and say that I was told that I would regret my tattoos when I got older.

“I am older and I do regret my tattoos – and you might too.” 

And it seems other people were in agreement as they took to the comment section to have their say.

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One wrote: “I never got tattooed because I was afraid to commit. Looking back, I would now hate everything I wanted through my late teens/ early twenties.”

A second said: “I thank my commitment issues every day because I have no tattoos and know I’d hate them if I did.”

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