I’m pregnant and hate having such a small baby bump – it looks like I just ate too much pizza

A WOMAN who is 14 weeks pregnant took to TikTok to bemoan her tiny baby bump.

Laura Pyne shared a video on the social media site as she explained: "Me being sad about my bump, comparing it to other women’s."

"Feeling like I just look like I ate too much pizza instead of having a cute round bump," she added.

The sad song that was accompanying the clip then changed into a more upbeat track, as Laura danced along and wrote: "Realising that my body is growing a WHOLE HUMAN after IVF and it is BEAUTIFUL no matter what."

People in the comments section on the video were quick to remind Laura that her bump is beautiful no matter what the size.

"This was literally me until month 6," one person wrote.

"And I still get the 'omg you’re so small for 6 months' comments. But yes beautiful no matter what."

"It’s definitely important to remind ourselves of that," Laura replied.

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"That ain’t no pizza that’s a definite baby bump!!!!!" someone else commented.

While another wrote: "It feels like it takes forever but then BAM!! And then it won’t stop."

"Hahahaha BRING IT!!" Laura answered.

"Girl SAME!! I majorly struggle because I don’t get that 'cute' bump," someone else commented.

"Right there with you!"

To which Laura wrote: "Thank you for validating my feelings."

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