I’m reverse aging at 51 – my tips will knock years off & have nothing to do with skincare | The Sun

EVER wanted to turn back the clock on aging?

One fresh-faced, 51-year-old beauty shared her secrets — and people can't believe her age.

Annamaria Kalebic is a digital content creator boasting over 30k followers on TikTok alone.

She took to TikTok to share her top five anti-aging secrets with viewers.

"Healthy whole foods," she wrote over a video of her at an outdoor fruit market.

"Cook from scratch," she added, showing one of her various concoctions, including a delectable-looking bowl of chocolate overnight oats.

"Eat lots of plants," she advised over a video over her sautéing greens.

"Strength training," she wrote, showing herself squatting with a kettlebell.

"Increase protein intake," she added as a final anti-aging tip.

Viewers lauded Kalebic's simple and affordable tips in the comment section.

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"Love it," wrote one supporter. "Me at 49 turning 50 soon. You inspire me."

"Thank you," Kalebic replied. "You're going to rock 50."

Some questioned whether Kalebic had an unfair advantage at keeping her skin so taut.

"Do you have help, i.e. cosmetic?" one commenter inquired. "Facially?"

"Hey," Kalebic responded. "No surgery."

She included a disclaimer in the caption of her video prioritizing lifestyle changes over anti-aging treatments.

"I'm nearly 51 years old, yet since adopting these lifestyle changes I'm feeling fitter and healthier than ever!" she wrote.

"There are many treatments you can have to fight the aging process but I believe the best place to start is from within!" she added.

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