I’m team no bra, people say they can see my boobs through my shirt but I’m not sorry, every woman has them | The Sun

A WOMAN who is a member of "team no bra" claimed people can see her boobs through her shirt but she doesn't care because it's natural.

TikToker @bby.cheekss filmed a short video on social media and explained she was not sorry for letting her cleavage hang free.

In the clip, the 22-year-old woman is seen covering her mouth, hiding away the laughter from the awkward ordeal.

The vision was paired a with sound bite of a woman screaming for added drama.

She captioned the video – When they say they can your boob.

Shirin said: "Oh no… my boob.

"Everyone has boobs if they have a women's body.

"Sorry not sorry."

The TikTok video has more than 1,400 views.

Although the recent upload attracted no comments, the post came as part of a trend where women are opting to go bra-free.

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Many complain that bras are uncomfortable and ill-fitting.

Others say the undergarments lack size inclusivity or potentially ruin an outfit by looking less-than-seamless under clothing.

Some fashionistas are choosing alternatives such as boob tape or tops with built-in boob support.

More adventurous fashionistas are going completely bra-free with no form of chest compression.

The trend is changing how women see their natural curves in clothing and promoting a more body positive beauty standard.

One mom with with DD-cup boobs has joined the no-bra club thanks to a new piece of clothing that she says is "pure sorcery."

However, one woman fell victim to criticism around her decision to ditch her bra.

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