Written by Naomi May

The year-long style staple is a no-brainer, but this is how to wear a plain white shirt the fashion-approved way (spoiler: it’s easier than you might think).  

Ah, the humble plain white shirt. No, not the T-shirt version that works all year round or the long-sleeved cotton top you throw on with your slouchiest jeans to give yourself the air of a nonchalant, flat white-sipping artist, but a crisp cotton shirt.

The virtues of the forever white shirt have been extolled at large, of course, for this is a staple that forms the backbone of all hard-working wardrobes – the sort that does all of the sartorial heavy lifting for you.

A plain white T-shirt is a style no-brainer.

Should you reside in the style camp of those who prefer to tie their white shirts at the waist, however, there’s one styling hack that you might want to pay particular attention to, and it comes courtesy of TikTok. 

In a video that’s been liked more than 750,000 times, Stacie Diamantides has shared a how-to clip showing how easy – and proper – it is to tie a white shirt to avoid it hanging awkwardly.

She advises users that rather than knotting the two sides of their shirt in a bow, to create a loop with one side through which to then pull the other side through for a knot that sits perfectly in the centre of the shirt. Awkward shirt flops, begone! 

Tie a plain white shirt properly with this go-to hack.

This isn’t the first styling hack we’ve picked up from TikTok. Recently, there have been videos showing how to wear bras during summer without having their straps slice and dice sweaty summer skin; educational clips on Zara’s reported sizing system and teachings on why every last one of us ought to invest in a pair of Ugg’s Tasman X clogs (if you know, you know).

TikTok has even been responsible for the creation of its own aesthetic trends since its inception in 2016, which have so far this year included candycore – read: the rise of all things pink, glittery and kitsch – and dark academia, a Gossip Girl-inspired preppy style that’s taken the app by storm.  

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