I’ve made over £30k from side-hustles this year, here’s the ones that don’t work & why you shouldn’t bother with surveys | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she has made an additional £30k this year.

Helena, from the UK, has shared how she made tens of thousands of pounds this year thanks to side hustles – but now, she's revealed the side hustles that aren't worth bothering with.

Taking to social media, the money whizz explained that she set herself the challenge of making an extra £100k a year using side hustles she had seen on TikTok.

But it seems not all of them were a hit and Helena said it might be worth skipping them.

"I'm going to immediately contradict myself," she began as she explaining why selling on eBay did and didn't work.

Helena added selling on eBay allowed her to put more money aside to use on other side hustle projects, but wasn't something that could work long-term as a way to make money.



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Helena said she also tried Print on Demand as a side hustle, which didn't work for her as it was hard to get customers.

She also said you have to buy the products before collecting customers cash so you always need a safety net to buy products.

Helena even dabbled in developing physical products to sell, but she admitted she wasted lots of money and time researching the products.

The time and effort you'd have to put in is certainly more than what most people are willing to give to a side hustle.

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She also said that setting up an Etsy shop for downloadable products hadn't worked for her as she didn't put much time into the store and wasn't happy with the percentage Etsy would take from her profits.

Finally, Helena revealed that surveys and user testing wasn't as lucrative as people online made out.

She said: "I've made decent amounts of money from survey and user testing over the last nine months.

"But it's just not scalable, and it's not going to get me anywhere close to the targets I've set myself."

Although Helena didn't have much luck with these side hustles, she did reveal she has seen them work for others.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @startabusinesswithme was a hit with viewers and people quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts and thank her for the advice.

One person wrote: "Such a great post Helena. Agree with every word."

Another commented: "Love the authenticity of this."

"So informative thank you," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "One of your best videos thank you."



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Someone else added: "Great information and insight into these opportunities."

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