King Charles set to wear more modern outfit for coronation

King Charles coronation should be done 'properly' says expert

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Queen Elizabeth II wore an extravagant dress and even had multiple outfit changes when she ascended the throne back in 1953. King Charles III’s coronation will be quite different, claimed experts.

It is understood that the King has been advised to make a more modern choice for his coronation ceremony in May.

He is set to wear something more relaxed and subtle, which will go against previous royal tradition, according to reports.

The coronation will “reflect the monarch’s role today and look towards the future, while being rooted in long-standing traditions and pageantry”.

In previous ceremonies, the King or Queen has traditionally donned silk stockings and breeches. However, King Charles will choose to wear his military uniform.

“Senior aides think breeches look too dated,” a source told the Sun.

A military uniform, on the other hand, has been deemed more casual, in keeping with the times.

Jo McLaren, head of e-commerce at luxury fashion retailer N.Peal, said this modern approach is in line with Charles’ personality.

She told “King Charles is not afraid of change – his relentless drive for amplifying environmental issues and encouraging climate change initiatives is a prime example of this.

“A more modern take on his coronation outfit would be a further reflection on his ability to adapt to and echo the modern world whilst also putting his own stamp on proceedings.”

As for guests, they will be permitted to wear more relaxed outfits too, such as lounge suits or morning suits instead of luxurious ceremonial robes with crimson velvet and ermine.

Unlike his mother’s multiple changes during her coronation, Charles is “unlikely to do the same,” the Mail on Sunday reported.

The coronation ceremony will reportedly be more scaled-down than previous ceremonies, in a bid to be more “representative of a monarchy in a modern world”.

A source told the Daily Mirror that the event will be “shorter, smaller, and less expensive” than the Queen’s coronation in 1953.

The source continued: “The King is very aware of the struggles felt by modern Britons so will see his wishes carried through that although his coronation ceremony should stay right and true to the long-held traditions of the past, it should also be representative of a monarchy in a modern world.

“The King has long been an advocate of a streamlined of slimmed-down monarchy and this project could certainly be said to fit with his vision.

“He has already spoken of his wish to continue his mother’s legacy and this includes continuing to recognise what the people are experiencing day by day.”

The Queen’s coronation was attended by 8,251 guests, with 129 nations and territories officially represented at the service. But it is believed that Charles will have only 2,000 guests at his coronation.

The “modernised” coronation is also expected to be more religiously and culturally diverse than previous such occasions, with plans to include a multi-faith congregation composed of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist figures.

Some rituals will be foregone to save time, but others will reportedly still remain, such as the anointing of the monarch.

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