Do you know your Luv Me from your Edgy Mojo? Experts reveal the hottest bikini wax trends of the summer

New trends have emerged in bikini hair styling… with experts predicting women will be sporting everything from the 'Luv Me' to the 'Full Moon' this coming summer.

You can, if you are feeling especially romantic, have your loved one's initials embossed on glitter on your most private parts.

So, if you thought you were edgy with your The Only Way is Essex vajazzle, think again.

Because it is bye bye to the bush, and the Hollywood has had its day.

Below we outline what the Ministry of Waxing and Strip Wax Bar predict will be hip this year.

Edgy Mojo

The Ministry of Waxing told Glamour that the Edgy Mojo was basically contouring, but for the pubic area, with the aim of slimming a woman's hips.

The wax-perts trim "a strategically shaped triangle as an optical illusion to flatter the hips."

Sounds impressive!

Luv Me

If you want to impress a certain lover then say it with flowers – or the Luv Me, which is a simple heart of hair fashioned in the pubic area. Described by the Ministry of Wax as "small, dainty and endearing", it is a popular choice.

Glitter Gram

Some people confess all in a poem… other's have their loved one's initials embossed in glitter on their private parts.

"We have a variety of glitter stencils in lots of different shapes and designs to enhance a wax," explained Ministry of Wax CEO Cynthia Chua. "Clients love them."

Full Moon

A brave polycystic ovary syndrome sufferer who spent years shaving excess hair from her face and body has also ditched the razor and embraced her natural look.

Meanwhile, the world’s hairiest teen girl dubbed ‘werewolf’ by pals is now happily married after dramatically shaving her face and body.

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