Manicurist shows off her client’s new nails, but everyone’s saying the same thing about the results | The Sun

A MANICURIST has caused a stir with one of her recent clients, after posting a video of her nails online.

The woman had decided to have bright pink, extremely pointy nails, with pro Megs happily obliging.

But when she shared a video of the results on her Instagram page, people were quick to comment.

"Somebody’s grandma ready to eat the girls up," Megs captioned the clip.

However, she quickly found that it wasn't the manicure that people were commenting on – but her client's fingers.

"Nail tech let her hands soak for 40 days and 40 nights," one wrote, in a comment that quickly got over 71,000 likes.

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"When my potato is in the microwave for too long," another added.

"Put them in the freezer I’ll make banana bread on my next day off," a third joked.

"She got them hotdogs that been on the grill for too long," someone else commented.

"Those hands look like dinosaur feet," another added.

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"Look like wet brown napkins," someone else laughed.

But others were quick to defend the woman, with one writing: "You people will be old too!"

"Most people talking about her hands instead of admiring how gorgeous the nails are lack decency," another insisted.

"I’m quite sure this woman has worked harder than all of us in this comment section and only heaven knows what she may have been through.

"Most older people don’t give a damn, though.

"So I love to see she didn’t let age keep her from getting her nails done like this.

"Absolutely gorgeous".

And another agreed, adding: "Those 'wrinkled' hands tell a beautiful story and I am sure they have worked harder than any of us ever have."

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