Crafty fashionista proudly shares how she turns old sweatshirts into stylish jumper-dresses but not everyone's impressed | The Sun

A DIY fanatic has been brutally savaged for upcycling her old sweatshirt, as people reckon she's just destroying clothes for no reason.

Upcycling is a great way to give your old garments a fresh look – but unfortunately, for one woman, Issey Moloney, from London, things didn't go too well.

The young fashion enthusiast was recently slammed on Instagram after proudly sharing one of her latest crafty creations, which included trimming the neckline of a sweatshirt.

The final product, she demonstrated in the try-on video, was a stripey sweatshirt that was showing her delicate shoulders and collarbones more.

In fact, Issey was so chuffed with the final outcome, she revealed that she's done with all of her hoodies and tops to achieve the same look.

''It just looks better,'' the style lover was convinced.

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Sadly for her, not everyone on social media thought the same, as hundreds raced to comments to slam her craftsmanship.

''destroying clothes for no reason is so dumb,'' read the top comment which has been liked by almost 45k other users.

A second was mortified, writing: ''It actually looks so bad bro.''

''are we back in 2013?'' someone else was wondering.

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''And now you got nothing to wear,'' a fourth reckoned she had ruined her entire wardrobe.

Luckily, not everyone was hating on the DIY garment, as one supportive social media fan hit back at the meanies.


''I think it’s cute even tho it’s not unevenly trimmed. Get a life and stop hating on people.''

''Am I the only one who thinks it cute?'' another didn't seem to mind the trimmed piece of clothing.

Speaking of all things fashion, shoppers were recently left horrified after spotting the return of Y2K boots that were giving them major Peter Pan vibes.

Trends come and go – but unfortunately, some ghosts have somehow made their way back into stores again – such as these slouch boots with the pointy toe.

One shopper, Erin Miller, was lost for words when she made this shocking discovery, immediately taking to TikTok to share the news.

''When you see *this* while out shopping,'' she wrote in the video posted on @overthemoonfaraway.

''Devastating news.''

It wasn't just the TikTok-famous style enthusiast who was mortified by the return of the infamous rouched footwear – thousands raced to comments in total disbelief.

One cried out: ''Not the Peter pan boots.''

''Not the Robin Hood 3000s,'' a second viewer felt sick to their stomach.



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''You know what’s coming next don’t you?? …. BOOTS WITH THE FURRR [sic],'' a style was convinced.

''My question is: did they just keep all this and take it out of the storage now? It all looks exactly the same,'' an eagle-eyed social media fan pointed out.

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