Mum makes ‘self-cleaning toilet bomb’ using three household ingredients – and it’ll make your bathroom smell like a spa

A MUM-of-two has revealed how she made a “self-cleaning toilet bomb” using three household products. 

Carolina McCauley, from Perth, shared on TikTok how she uses it once a week in her home – and it makes her bathroom smell like a spa.

She wrote: “Here is how to make my self-cleaning toilet bomb.”

Carolina advised how you mix together a cup of baking soda, a quarter of a cup of citric acid, essential oils of your choice and a little water.

She said you should mix together in a glass bowl until it has a consistency like “damp sand.”

She continued: “Then, just pack the mixture into a silicone mould.”

Next, you need to let them dry so they come out like ice cubes. 

She advised: "They smell so good and all you need to do is drop them into the toilet bowl for a fizzy clean.”

Her video has been viewed thousands of times, with many saying they were keen for their bathroom to smell like a spa.

One raved: “I'm going to try this very soon.”

Another added: “I need to try this!”

Experts have previously warned against bleach being mixed with citric acid, as harmful chlorine gas can be produced. 

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