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GIVEN most of us spend plenty of time each morning wrestling with our hair in front of the bathroom mirror, it’s inevitable that our sink drains are going to get blocked on occasion. 

But specialised products to get rid of the gunk can be pretty expensive: a bottle of Mr Muscle Gel will set you back around £4. 

So one savvy homeowner has weighed in with their easy hack that can instantly banish clogs – and you’ll likely already have everything you need in your kitchen cupboard. 

Paul Kinsella is a DIY guru and a star of Irish TV, where he prevents the renovation programme ‘Relove My Space’. 

He also regularly shares everything from room makeovers to design hacks with his 35k followers on his Instagram account @LifeAtNo2. 

In a recent clip, Paul began by asking his viewers whether they have a “slow or blocked drain”, promising that he had the perfect hack for them. 

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“Sometimes we forget the drain blocker,” he continues, “but a dish tablet will do just fine.” 

Paul then takes a dishwasher tablet which he places atop his shower drain, before pouring boiling hot water over it until it’s completely dissolved. 

“Leave it to work for five minutes,” the interiors whizz adds. “Your drain will be back to normal and smelling fresh.” 

Writing in the caption, Paul joked: “Who knew the dishwasher tablets had secret talents.” 

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“Tried using one to banish grease from my shower drain, and it’s like magic! Say goodbye to clogs and hello to a sparkling clean shower.” 

His video quickly racked up thousands of likes, with viewers flooding the comments with love for his nifty trick. 

“Ok, literally trying this right now. The kettle is on,” one gushed, adding a heart-eyes emoji. 

“That’s a great hack, I never have drain unblocker in the house,” a second wrote. 

“Love this!” another added. “Thanks for sharing!” 

If you’re looking for more handy cleaning hacks, why not check out this washing whizz’s four-ingredient mixture to keep your whites sparkling forever. 

According to Nicole Jaques, all you need is half a cup of lemon juice, combined with some vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to keep your laundry looking crisp. 

Mama Mila has also shared a potion that promises to cut through even the toughest of kitchen grease. 

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She combines water, white vinegar and lemon juice, with the acid working to quickly banish built-up grime. 

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