I’m a fit grandma – trolls roll their eyes at me but people can’t believe how hot I am… & boys still ask me on dates | The Sun

A GLAM grandma who doesn't let her age get in the way of her dating life has revealed she's still being asked on dates all the time.

Tricia Goldsmith, 55, has left the internet stunned with ageless beauty – leaving men and women lining up to date the silver fox.

Taking to social media, the mum-of-three and grandma shared a clip of herself getting ready for a date with a boy for the first time in years.

She sat at her dressing table curling her hair and applying make-up before showing off the sexy black lace mini dress she wore to the date.

"POV: You're 55, a grandma, but Gen Z all rolled into one and you're going on your first BOY date in four years on a Saturday night," Tricia penned.

The natural beauty may look much younger than her actual age – but she has decided to stick with her natural grey hair – and her fans are obsessed.



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The nan has some mean trolls in the comments – but her fans are quick to rally behind herCredit: TikTok/@yourfitgrandma/

Wearing a blue crop top, green gemstone necklace and jeans the grandma hinted that her hair was natural and that people would pay for the privilege of having her hair colour.

She captioned the post: "You know you would pay for this."

While many were in awe over the nan's youthful beauty and zest for life, it seems not everyone was impressed.

It seemed that some meanies didn't think Tricia looked as good for her age as others did.

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One commented: "How do you look 57 from the neck up? And look 27 from the neck down?"

Tricia responded in a clip, showing off her face and neck.

But it seemed many people thought the troll was wrong and took to the comments section in support of the 'fit grandma.'

One person wrote: "27 in general holy, no where near looking 57."

Another commented: "I just pray i look as good as you when i get to that age."

"No you look so young I love you," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "I hope I look this good in my 50’s."

"No you JUST LOOK 27 IN GENERAL,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "I hope I look as good as you do in my future!"

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Tricia has amassed a large following over on her TikTok account @yourfitgrandma with over 3 million followers and over 115 million likes.

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