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A CLEVER woman has revealed her secret hack to prevent mould in the home and all you need is two items. 

Anita Birges is a home organisation expert who often uses social media to share her home, decluttering and cleaning tips. 

In one video, she decided to tackle the topic of condensation – explaining that there is a simple solution to the stubborn issue. 

Dressed in a white T-shirt and blue jeans with her raven hair styled down, she asked: “Do you have mould in your drawers or in your bedroom?

“Okay, have I got the best mould prevention hack for you.” 

She went on to explain that it’s “all about absorbing moisture” and if you’re unable to get a kit that takes the moisture out of the air, then this is the next best thing. 

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Anita continued: “All you need to do is get yourself some mega chalk, grab yourself some clove oil…” 

She then instructed viewers to dab three to five drops onto the chalk before placing it into the drawer. 

“Mould, mould, go away!” she said as the video came to an end. 

In the caption, Instagram user @mise_en_place_aus added that by doing this you “allow the scent to waft around killing mould spores”. 

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She went on: “Add a few more drops of oil every month or so once the scent has disappeared. This avoids spraying any more moisture in an already moist house.” 

Chalk can be found for as little as 8p, while clove oil can be found for just £2 from Superdrug, making this a very simple and cheap solution to the problem. 

Clove oil is often recommended to tackle mould as it kills spores and it also has antifungal properties to help with the issue. 

People were quick to comment on Anita’s post as one person wrote: “That’s a helpful little tip, thank you!”

Another shared: “It's always the simple stuff that works best!”

While a third added: “Why are u so talented. U always amazed me with yr hacks of cleaning, organising, making daily life easier etc. Keep it up girl,” followed by a red heart emoji. 

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