TAKING a trip to the hairdressers is meant to be a nice, relaxing and enjoyable experience, right?

Well, one woman explained that she went to a salon to get her hair dyed, but was left stunned when halfway through the appointment, the hair stylist said she was going home.

Eloise Wright took to TikTok to share her story of what happened and explained that the hairdresser had reassured her that another stylist would wash the dye off for her.

But Eloise was left very confused, when she realised that all of the other workers had also gone home, locking the salon door behind them.

Videoing herself in the hair salon, with her hair covered in hair dye, whilst wearing a hairdresser's cloak, Eloise explained: "Right I'm going to do a quick story time about how I've been left at the hair salon and the stylist has just gone. Just gone.

"So, she told me to come in at 3 o'clock to put my colour on, which she did.

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"And then, she was just here with her friend and she was like, 'Someone else is going to wash it off for you'.

"So, I was like 'Ok, cool, they can wash it off for me'."

But Eloise revealed that she was shocked to discover that all of the other stylists had in fact gone home, leaving her alone in the salon. 

She continued: "Please tell me now why everyone else in the salon has now left and locked the doors behind them.

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"I'm now just sat here, with the timer on my phone and no one to wash my colour off.

"So, yeah, let me know what to do."

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Eloise’s video has clearly stunned many, as it has racked up a whopping 293.8k views. 

It has 19.7k likes, 72 comments and 24 shares. 

One person said: "I would wash it off myself and leave without paying.” 

Another commented: "Don't pay!!! What are they on?" 

And a third agreed: "Hope you never paid!!!"

Many other TikTok users were eager to know what happened next, and after popular demand, the social media star shared an update sometime later.

In the follow up video, Eloise confirmed that someone had indeed returned to the salon, but things didn’t go completely how she expected. 

Eloise revealed: “Oh my god guys, I think someone has just pulled up.

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“Guys, there’s someone in the salon, I’m going to have to ask her to wash my colour off.”

Eloise then showed a stylist washing off her colour, but moments later, filmed herself drying her own hair, to which she confirmed: “Had to dry it myself.” 

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