My hillbilly hack adds more privacy to my chainlink fence – it even stands up to the soaking rain | The Sun

A CONSULTANT has shared her hillbilly hack that gives a whole lot more privacy to her chainlink fence.

She discovered it could hold up even under the steady onslaught of soaking rain.

Ash Capps (@ashcapps) was thrilled with the results of her efforts.

This lady has a popular presence on TikTok with over 219,000 followers and another 5 million likes.

She describes herself as: “A consultant who creates content to inspire you to make the world a better place.”

But in this post, she was on a mission to make her home a better space free from prying eyes.

“I have a cool hack to show you," she said, "because I have this chain link fence that goes all around my property."

But it offered very little when it came to privacy and she wanted to change that.

“So, I’m a hillbilly so I like to do hillbilly things. I got this cover, you can’t even see through it really.

"It’s a ground cover that they use to cover weeds, landscape fabric. [It is] such a cheaper alternative to those sunshades.”

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The finished result certainly achieved what she set out to do.

“Check this out. This is my fence. You can see on the other side, look, it’s private.

“What I did was I just put a little hole and zip ties all along here and it’s like a totally private thing so this whole area inside my house will be private."

She discovered it could withstand some rough weather conditions too.

“It’s rained all day today and this thing has been soaking and it’s still here. So a little life hack for you.

“Testing out a cheap way to cover my fence for privacy.”

At least one commenter considered her tip to be "Genius."

Another thought it was an “Awesome idea.”

This viewer was impressed: “Oh my gosh, it looks so great.”

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