My husband gets trolled for having a 'fat wife' – he laughs it off and tells them they 'need therapy' | The Sun

HATERS question one husband's decision to be with a woman bigger than him, and he laughs at them for it.

Sierra Ann's husband is unbothered by those who troll him for having a "fat wife."

Sierra posted a video to showcase the comments her husband receives and highlight his clever responses.

"Hate comments people leave my husband under my videos because I'm fat," Sierra introduced.

Her husband took a bite out of a cheesy sandwich as she began reading off the rude phrases about her body.

The first comment read: "Your so far you are going to loose your husband otherwise fatty."

Sierra laughed at the fact that the writer couldn't spell correctly.

"Go back to English class," her husband proclaimed.

Another comment said: "But honestly ur annoying and ur husband is better than u you don't deserve him. Sorry I are bit big I know u know this all ready but I want you to get hurt."

Again, Sierra couldn't believe how those sentences didn't make any sense.

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But she felt sorry for the individual who wrote that because they willingly tried to hurt another person.

Her husband replied: "You need therapy."

"When is her husband going to tell her he's gay Well I was married to a gay man for years I know it," the last hate comment read.

A baffled Sierra expressed concern for the woman who didn't realize her husband was gay for a long time and questioned her ability to sense her husband was gay.

Sierra's partner made a joke.

He said: "I don't know. Damon Salvatore is kind of fine, though."

Over 21,000 viewers left comments on Sierra's post.

"The 'you need therapy' got me dyin," an impressed individual said.

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A sweet woman wrote: "All I’m hearing from them is they’re jealous you can pull and they can’t. Your gorgeous and beautiful."

"Yesss a man who backs up his woman," one supportive follower wrote.

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