My 'insane' sister wore a bridal gown to my wedding – she knew she was wrong and had a sneaky move to get away with it | The Sun

A FURIOUS bride has disowned her sister after she attempted to steal the limelight at her wedding.

The bride explained that her sister, who was also her maid of honor, wore her own bridal gown to her wedding — and made a sneaky move to get away with it.

She expressed her frustration in a lengthy message sent to author Sherry Kuehl (@snarkyinthesuburb).

Sherry has racked up over 36,000 followers on TikTok where she offers advice to people who are having family and relationship issues.

She read out the message from the bride before giving her opinion on how the situation should be handled.

She said: “I’ve seen my share of crazy wedding letters but I’m telling you right now this one makes maybe my top three. Let’s get to it.

“‘Dear Snarky, it’s official my sister is insane because she wore a wedding dress to my wedding.

“‘Let me back up a bit.

“She wore a wedding dress that she had purchased two years ago and never got to wear because her fiance called off the wedding.

“‘My crazy sneaky sister, who was my maid of honor, changed out of her bridesmaid dress and into a wedding gown minutes before my wedding started.

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“‘Imagine my shock when my dad and I come from the back of the church.

“‘Start walking down the aisle and see my sister standing at the front of the church in a wedding gown.

“‘Thankfully my now husband whispered in my ear to not let my sister ruin this wonderful day so I stayed focused on the fact that I was marrying the love of my life.’”

The bride admitted that she now “hates” her sister and has cut off all communication.

She said her sister defended her actions by saying that she didn’t want her wedding gown to “go to waste.”

She continued: “‘My mother says family is forever and that I need to make peace with it. 

“Don’t you think I have a right to be mad and stay mad pretty much forever?’”

Sherry described the bride’s sister as being a “narcissistic jealous loser” who probably wore the dress because people have made excuses for her behavior in the past.

Sherry said: “What your sister did in my opinion was an act of family and wedding terrorism.

“She tried to ruin your wedding.

“You would be a fool and I think it would be mentally unhealthy for you to sweep it all under the rug for the sake of family harmony.

“It really is unforgivable.

“And just because you’re related to someone does not give them permission to disrespect you or to be hateful to you.

“Family means forever but this doesn’t mean you have to stand and put up with shameful behavior.

“I suggest taking a break from your family until you’re in a better headspace. 

“When you’re ready to reengage with them I would do so with some basic rules of human decency in place.

“Enjoy taking that break from your family, you deserve it.

“And as for your sister, well honey I wouldn’t be talking to her for a long time.”

Sherry captioned the post: “What would you do if your sister wore a bridal gown to YOUR wedding?”

She included the hashtags #dearsnarky, #weddingtiktok, #bridalgown, and #weddingdrama.

Many commenters argued the bride should take revenge on her sister for wearing a bridal gown at her wedding. 

One person wrote: “Ok, but like why didn’t one of the bridesmaids step in and get her out of there before she came down the aisle?”

Another commented: “I hope she did not include her in any wedding pictures and told photographers to not take any individual pictures of her.”

A third said: “From that moment on, I would make it my purpose in life to try to upstage my sister at every big event she ever has again.”

A fourth penned: “There would have been something colorful spilled all over the sister’s dress. I’m a little petty though.”



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Another chimed in: “I understand why the sister’s fiance called off their wedding.

"He dodged a bullet for sure.” 

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