My simple solution will help you rake leaves and get rid of them in record time – always use the right tool for the job | The Sun

RAKING up fallen leaves can be tedious and feel pointless as trees repeatedly shed them throughout the cold season. 

Green-fingered homeowners advocate for the benefits of raking fallen leaves including maintaining a healthy lawn and ensuring gardens look tidy.

It can be tempting to overlook these pros because you don’t want to spend multiple hours in chilling weather having to hunt down every stray leaf.

However, a DIY-savvy TikToker has shared a tip that dramatically cuts down the time taken to complete the task.

Over 40,000 people follow the @todayshomeowner account on the social media platform, where experts share their home improvement tips.

They uploaded a 20-second clip explaining how to make an at-home leaf collector using a large plastic sheet that is usually used for camping.

The text over the video read: “Fold a 4 x 8 tarp in half.

“Staple wooden dowels onto the ends to form handles. Rake leaves onto the tarp, then lift it by the handles…

“Slide the leaves into the trash can!”

The expert demonstrated the tip for clearing all of the fallen leaves using a large rake to get all of them onto the tarp and then making just one trip to the trash. 

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Once the handles have been attached to the tarp it can be reused as many times as needed to help speed up the process of clearing leaves throughout fall.

The post was captioned: “Rake leaves and get rid of them in record time with this simple solution!”

Hashtags added included #todayshomeowner, #fall, #lifehack, and #lawncare.

Hundreds of people liked the post and thanked the experts for sharing the hack just in time for them to try it for themselves.

One person wrote: “Just made one of these, dethatching my lawn, lifesaver!!!”

Another said: “I did this method today with my kids. Went so fast, thanks! Life changing.”

A third commented: “Now that’s making quick work of raking leaves! Love it.”

A fourth chimed in: “OK for small yard. Big yard – mow them into oblivion.”

The TikToker replied: “100 percent! Always use the right tool for the job. Most of our viewers have average-size yards.”

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