I’m 5’2 and my boyfriend is 6’9 – he picks me up and carries me like a child – trolls all say it's weird but I love it | The Sun

A COUPLE WITH a 19 inch height difference have shared what it's like being together leaving the internet stunned.

Ashlyn Bischoff, 5'2, and Dylan Porter, 6'9 regularly share their relationship on social media – and it's come with a wide variety of opinions.

The US-based couple often poke fun of their height difference, showing users how Dylan often picks Ashlyn up to see places in their shared apartment she can't look at because of her height.

In one clip he took her over to the top of the fridge, picking her up with ease as she wrapped her legs around him like a toddler being carried away for their nap.

The pair have also shared the massive difference in their clothing and shoe size which makes sense considering her boyfriend towers over her.

Dylan stood with his dad, mum, and Ashyln – proving the tall gene clearly runs in the family in one clip.



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His dad stood at 6'6 and his mum at 6'0, leaving Ashyln tailing behind at the end at 5'2.

The pair claim the height difference 'doesn't mean much' to them but it seems people online are fixated on it.

However it does seem to come in handy when it comes to cleaning their flat.

Dylan is able to lift Ashlyn with such ease she is able to clean the toughest of places including the air conditioning vents.

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Cruel trolls have often claimed their height difference is a 'red flag' while other Nosy Nellies have question how the pair have sex.

Lad Bible created a video of the couple together and people in the comments section went wild.

One person remarked: "Tall men with short girls is weird to me."

Another quipped: "It's weird like she's his child the way he picks her up and that's just no."

"I thought it, you though it, they thought it, we all thought it," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Cringe AF."

"The height difference should be illegal,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "So you're short and your boyfriend's tall… Right, I wish I cared more about this story."

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Despite the negative comments, the couple's relationship seems to be moving along well with the pair moving in with each other earlier this year.

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