THEY say you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family.

But one anonymous woman was left wishing she could after learning that two of her family members have been taking land from their elderly neighbour by moving their fence back each year.

Taking to Mumsnet , she penned: "Two family members, who I used to think were very nice, gleefully told me two years ago that they have been moving back their fence every year and have been stealing land, but it's OK because their neighbours are elderly and haven't noticed.

"They live in the countryside and you cannot see the neighbour's house from their garden.

"Their neighbour's land covers all three sides of their house and is a wooded area. They have tripled the size of their garden.

"They were smug when they mentioned that if they used the land for a certain number of years the rightful owners couldn't take it back due to some law."


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The woman, who admits she feels guilty knowing and not doing anything about it, went on to say how she hasn't been able to see them in the same light since after realising "they just aren't good people."

She continued: "I also know that either at the end of this year or some point next year the time will have passed that the neighbours can't do anything."

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She went on to ask social forum users whether they think it'd be unreasonable for her to grass them up by sending an anonymous letter – and everyone was in agreement.

"That is terrible! I’d have no idea what to do!" wrote one.

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A second urged: "Write the letter. I cant stand thieves."

A third agreed: "I’d write the letter. Not OK to take the p*** because someone is vulnerable."

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "You can't ignore it, can you? Tell them, tell the local council, tell anyone you think could help."

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Another added: "Yes please do, what pathetic types they must be, would be having nothing more to do with them after dobbing them in."

And one more social forum user offered: "Can't you post it to a friend in the UK and ask them to post it on? If you don't know anyone, I'll do it for you."

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