My 'zero scrub' trick seems bizarre but it gets silverware sparkling better than cloths and uses a cheap kitchen staple | The Sun

A LIFESTYLE brand has revealed a bizarre hack that will get your silverware sparkling bright again.

The effects were far better than a cloth and involved no scrubbing at all.

Even better, the star of the show was a humble staple from the store cupboard.

It was the most unexpected of cleaning tools, but the people at Home52 (@home52) swear by it.

“How to brighten silver," a woman began in the cleaning post.

“All the ways to love the place you live," she said.

But her focus in this video was dull and tarnished silverware.

She displayed some of her items that looked flat, lacking any shine.

“Is your silverware looking really dull and out of use?"

No worries, she had a clever trick up her sleeve.

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“I have a really quick trick for it and it involves potatoes," she said revealing her secret weapon.

She then proceeded to peel and chop some potatoes and placed them into a saucepan to boil.

When they were done, she removed them but kept the water.

It was into this spud watery solution that she placed the silverware.

“Make sure it’s all nice and covered with the water," she instructed. “Let it sit for at least an hour. Take them out and rinse and dry.”

At the end of her task, the silverware was completely transformed.

It was shiny, sparkling, and good as new.

“The power of potatoes," was her theory as she signed off.

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