Nan shows off charity shop bargains in sweet video – but everyone's saying the same thing about her appearance | The Sun

SHE took to TikTok to show off her charity shop bargains after a recent haul.

But Nanny Midge was quickly bombarded with comments about her age, with people desperate to know how she looked so young.

"Nanny Midge, aged 93, shares her latest charity shop bargains," was written over the top of the video.

The clip began with Nanny Midge showing off the five mugs she'd got for just £3.50, as she insisted she was "delighted" by the buy.

"And then, I was just coming out the shop and the girl come struggling like this, and this is what she had," she continued.

"Feel the thickness of those."

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As the person filming felt the cushions, she asked: "What do you think you'll be doing with them?"

"Putting them on the sunbeds," Nanny Midge replied.

"To get a tan?" the woman asked.

"Yeah!" Nanny Midge replied, grinning from ear-to-ear as she revealed she'd got the cushions for a "crazy" £2.50 each.

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And while she was thrilled to show off her purchases, people in the comments were more interested in her youthful appearance.

"She can't be 93!" one wrote.

"She’s 94 in March!" a reply read.

"She looks amazing for 93," another added.

While a third commented: "Crikey, looks 20 years younger."

"93! she looks and sounds amazing," someone else gushed.

"I can only hope I look half as amazing as her at 93 what a woman," another wrote.

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As someone else agreed, commenting: "She’s so pretty, look at her smile at the end!

"How in the world is she 93? Incredible."

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