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HANDS up if you’ve ever bought a packet of Tic Tacs, or been offered one of the mints by a family member or friend?

If that’s you, we’re sure you’ve had the struggle of getting the tiny mints out of the plastic container – and had to shake it more than once to get your desired amount.

But now social media users have unveiled that everyone’s been opening Tic Tacs totally wrong.

And they said the right way is so much easier, as the packet that’s a regular in sweet shops features a hidden compartment that you probably knew nothing about.

Harrie Silver was among the first to lift the lid on the life hack, as she explained the recent revelation had blown her mind.

The TikToker, whose profile is @harriesilver, explained: “I was today years old when I found out you open tic tacs upside down because they have a little holder.”

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Harrie then demonstrated the trick, as she flipped the pack around and opened up the tab. 

Then, as she’d explained, a singular Tic Tac was there ready to be eaten.

She continued: “My mum showed me this on the train this morning, I was kinda mind blown ngl.”

And she wasn’t the only one who had that same surprised reaction. 

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Countless social media users rushed to comment on the video and say they’d never known this.

A fan of the sweets wrote: “No way!”

A second person added: “Wow, learn something new every day.”

As a third stated: “This has just turned my entire life upside down, let alone the goddamn TicTac container!!”

Others tagged family and friends to spread the word, and they were all as bemused as the next.

However, some people said they already knew about the nifty little trick – but warned that you have to be careful, as, otherwise, you can end up with more than you bargained for.

A fellow TikToker typed: “Sometimes you end up opening it wrong and boom… the whole top just pulls away and tic tacs everywhere. Annoying sometimes!”

Another joined in the debate, as they commented: “Yep…and then they all fall out.”

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One more challenged: “Try it again but don’t be gentle.”

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