People are just realizing how you’re supposed to use the lids from takeaway cups & it’s blowing their minds | The Sun

THE lids on your takeaway cups are there to do more than prevent a spill.

There's another use you may have overlooked that has taken social media users by surprise.

In a video covering the hidden purposes of everyday things, Gigi, who goes by @alltruality on social media, shared a takeaway cup hack that will revolutionize the way use you them.

It may leave you with less of a mess too.

In Gigi's video, the narrator explained that "lids on paper and plastic to-go cups work as coasters."

He continued: "The ring in the middle of the lid is exactly the size to fit the bottom of the cup.

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"The lids lips also catch dripping condensation from cold drinks."

People took to the comments section of the video to share their takes on the discovery.

"The coaster blew me," one amazed person wrote.

Another user who was a bit skeptical asked: "If the lid is meant to catch condensation then why does it have the hole for the straw that would still leak condensation?"

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To which another TikTok user responded: "You’re not supposed to put the lid back on lol."

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