People are only just realizing what the panel on the bottom of dishwashers is for & it could be the reason it smells bad | The Sun

IF there's a bad smell when you open your dishwasher and you can't seem to figure out why, there's a hidden feature you might be missing.

An appliance expert has shared the hidden part of your dishwasher that you should be cleaning.

TikTok user Matthew Peech revealed the hidden secret behind your dishwasher's bottom panel.

The appliance expert filmed his own machine to give viewers a first hand look at the handy feature.

Lifting the bottom rack out of his dishwasher, Matthew examined the bottom of his machine.

Underneath the sliding rail, he lifted out a hidden filter, which he referred to as having a "primary screen."

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The screen works to catch any food debris or build up, preventing it from clogging your pipes.

"The internal filter often blends in," the appliance pro explained to his audience.

He added: "Both [the filter and the screen] need regular cleaning to prevent problems."

Matthew's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the secret feature.

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"If your dishwasher is smelling funky, there ya go," wrote one viewer.

Another user wrote: "So I'm embarrassed I'm 30 and it never occurred to me they had a filter."

"Learned something new, why has no one told us this? I’ll be cleaning mine now," said a third person.

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