People don't believe I've got big boobs because of how I dress but I've been disguising them since I was 13, I'm a pro | The Sun

A WOMAN with size 28GG boobs often leaves people stunned when she reveals her cleavage, because she's got so good at disguising them.

Jen took to her TikTok page to share a video of herself, which began with her wearing a baggy jumper and leggings.

"But you don't look like you have a larger chest," she wrote over the top – a remark she often hears.

She then turned her back to the camera as she removed her jumper, to reveal a plunging black crop top beneath.

And, in that top, her cleavage was hard to ignore.

"Been disguising them since I was 13," she captioned her video.

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"This exact situation happens to me a lot," one person commented on the clip.

With Jen replying: "Then when you show them off for once they’ll be like ‘woah where did they come from?’"

"This is me haha," another said.

"Where were you hiding them?? Good lord. They just teleported there," a third commented.

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"I love pleasant surprises!" someone else joked.

"'They don't look that big' *puts on bikini top* 'ohhhhhh, but you're proportionate'," another wrote.

"Accurate," someone else sighed.

"There should be a dress size thats called boob-room, cause I can never fit mine properly there and still look good on the rest of me," another complained.

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