People find out they’ve been using saucepans all wrong and their minds are blown… but not everyone’s convinced | The Sun

IF you are a foodie, what we’re about to tell you might be known knowledge.

However, for many others, they are just finding out this trick and their minds are blown.

A woman took to TikTok to reveal that she had only just found out about a secret tip concerning her Tefal pan.

Nathalie, known on TikTok as ‘heyitsnathaliee’, from NYC, explained that she has a Tefal pan and just realised the circle on the pan turns a solid red when it’s ready.

She said: “I was today years old when I realised the circle on the pan turns solid red when it’s ready. 

“To be fair, I wasn’t the one who bought this pan.” 

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Nathalie’s video has racked up a whopping 2.6million views and has 175.5k likes, 407 comments and 2,146 shares. 

TikTok users were left divided over Nathalie’s video – with many absolutely stunned at the revelation, with others shocked that Nathalie didn’t know this before.

One person said: “I'm 21 and this is the first time I hear this”. 

Another added: “Lol I have one. And I didn’t know this. Also I measure the amount of butter in the circle too”. 

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A third commented: “I always thought it was for measuring how much oil to put”. 

Another exclaimed: “Wow I have these pans & never knew that!!! Thanks”. 

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However, one user stated: “That’s literally the entire selling point of those pans..” 

A second noted: “I just thought this was common knowledge as Tefal advertised it in every commercial”. 

A third person claimed: “This was huge when it came. People ran to the stores for that feature”. 

According to Tefal, “Just like your oven needs pre-heating before baking, you need to pre-heat your pan if you wish to get the best cooking results.  

“Thermo-spot® features a heat indicator that helps you cook in all safety those perfect meals for your loved ones.

“How does it work? It is simple. Right inside your pan, you have an indicator that turns red once the ideal cooking temperature is reached.

“Before heating, the Thermo-Spot® pattern is clearly visible. 

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“As the pan heats up, the colour begins to change. 

“Once it reaches the ideal temperature, the Thermo-Spot® pattern turns solid red, ensuring you a uniform and ideal temperature to cook all your meals.”

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