I'm a travel pro – two steps you should always take to avoid having your carry-on bag involuntarily checked | The Sun

YOU'RE a good packer. You've managed to cram everything into one carry-on suitcase so you can leave everyone at baggage claim in the dust.

So how do you make sure you don't get stuck involuntarily checking your bag because your flight is full? One expert has the answer.

Lee Thompson is a co-founder of Flash Pack, which specializes in solo group adventures for travelers between 30 and 40 years old.

He's traveled to over 100 countries and mastered the art of speeding through the airport.

But even if your stuff is all squashed into a carry-on bag, you may get stuck checking it at the last minute if there's not enough overhead bin storage.

Lee has two tricks for beating the odds.


You may be tempted to grab a seat at the back of the plane in hopes you'll have an empty seat next to you – but there's a real upside to sitting up front.

"Board the aircraft first and always sit at the front," Lee tells The U.S. Sun.

"If you’ve made the effort to take carry-on baggage then you should reap the rewards by guaranteeing an overhead locker and getting off the plane first.

This way, you're "beating any passport queues and getting to your destination before anyone else."

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Wheeled suitcases are certainly easier to drag through the airport – but they're also more likely to be grabbed by airline personnel.

"Try to avoid carrying carry-on luggage that has wheels that you pull along," says Lee.

"Very often on packed flights, airlines look for luggage to load on the hold of the aircraft. Bags with wheels are the number one target."

"Even if your bag is heavy, the shoulder carry bags always get unnoticed," he explains.

Lee has also shared his tips for packing a carry-on bag in the first place.

In addition to advice for packing lighter, he has a trick for sneaking an extra bag onto the plane.

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