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HAVE you ever looked at an item in your home and wondered why it’s designed in a certain way? 

Wonder no more, as a new social media video has unveiled all the hidden uses of the things you use every day.

And it covers everything from the blue bristles on your toothbrush to how your microwave apparently has a secret silent mode.

In the eye-opening clip posted to the TikTok account @paulfoisy, he revealed “the things you never knew the purpose of.” 

Paul began by highlighting the toothbrush – and why they include different coloured bristles.

He explained: “The blue bristles on your toothbrush tell you when you need to change it.

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“If they start to fade away, then you know it’s time.” 

Moving onto the microwave, Paul said how some appliances have a secret mode that many don’t know about – and you’ll have to try it out on yours to see if it actually works. 

He continued to his 4.9 million followers: “If you want to heat up food at night, microwaves have a silent mode.

“To activate silent mode, all you have to do is hold down one.” 

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Other things he pointed out included how pots and pans have a hole in their handle to hang them up in the kitchen.

But he also showed how they make a great stand for wooden spoons when cooking so they don’t make a mess.

While he said that the drawer under your oven has a clever, alternative use.

He added: “This drawer under your oven isn’t storage space.

“It’s actually supposed to be used to keep food warm before you serve it.” 


And next time you reach for a tape measure to do some DIY, there’s an important thing to remember.

He said: “The metal tip of a tape measure lets you anchor it in without a nail or screw.”

And he also lifted the lid on why some fashion items are designed in a certain way, including many people’s go-to jeans.

He concluded: “The small buttons on jeans are called rivets and they’re strategically placed in the places with the most wear and tear to prevent pants from ripping.

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“Also the tiny pocket on your jeans is supposed to hold a pocket watch – it’s a design from the 1800’s.”

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