People say I go from a 5 to a 10 in a bikini – others say I go from 10 to ‘goddess’ | The Sun

A BIKINI-loving influencer claims she goes from a five to a 10 when she dons a two-piece – but says others think she transforms into a "goddess."

Content creator @AngelInked's showed how different she looks in a casual T-shirt versus a stringy bikini on TikTok.

In the short clip, Angel hints at the devilish behavior to come.

"People say I go from a five to a 10 in a bikini," she told her followers, showing off a couple of arm tattoos as she tugged on her grey shirt.

Then, with a firm tug – and a trick of video editing – her shirt flew off.

In mere moments, Angel was standing in her skivvies, with even more ink visible on her skin.

Dressed in a butterfly-print bikini, she flipped her hair and smiled flirtatiously at the camera.

The triangle-style top covered the bare minimum, while her bikini bottoms dipped so low, they were out of frame.

In the comments section, other users praised Angel's look.

"You're an all-around 10, in my opinion," one user wrote.

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Another said, "Don't listen to them," referring to anyone who would dare rate Angel a mere five out of 10.

"You went from a 10 to a goddess!" another wrote, cheering her on.

Some were skeptical of her claims.

"Do they, do they really?" a viewer asked. "Or is it just you that says it?"

A different man argued it was a simple calculation error. "10 to 15. Basic math," he wrote.

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