Trinny Woodall shares ‘tale of shopping addiction gone wrong’

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Personal stylist and Image Coach Melissa Lund exclusively told how women in their 50s and beyond can tailor their style to look the best possible. This may mean avoiding wearing the colour black.

Melissa began by answering the question “Does style have an age limit?”.

The expert emphatically stated: “Absolutely not – it’s possible to look fabulous at any age.

“However, I’m not going to say it gets easier as you get older and there are certainly a few things that might need to be reconsidered.”

One of Melissa’s main suggestions for anti-ageing dressing was to rethink the colours you wear.

She explained: “Wearing colours that suit you can make you look years younger.”

What suited us at 20, 30 or 40 may not suit us at 50, 60 and beyond – but why is this?

According to Melissa, “as we age our palette changes slightly, with hair, eye and skin colour becoming lighter”.

The result of this is that some women may have to reassess the colours they go for – “you have to reconsider your darkest colour”.

“If black or midnight blue suited you in your thirties you might decide that charcoal grey and navy are now the darkest colours in your palette,” the expert explained.

“If you’re unsure about what suits you, invest in a colour analysis session.”

Melissa revealed that there’s one particular colour that will “guarantee a trip to frump land” if it does not suit you and you wear it head to toe.

“If black is not in your palette, it will pull the light away from your face and you’ll look tired and older; under eye shadows and bags will be more visible.”

However, Melissa emphasised that there’s no need for women to totally drop their personal style – even if they do amend a few colours.

It’s all about adapting what you have always loved so you can continue wearing it without being in danger of dressing too young.

She explained: “It’s not necessary to completely change your personal style as you age but it might be necessary to modify certain elements.

“For example, if you loved a mini in your 20s and 30s, by the time you get to your 50s you can still rock a short-ish skirt but probably not as short as you once wore them!

“Leather and denim are not just for younger women but instead of black leather trousers, say, you might want chocolate brown suede for a softer (but still glam) look.”

The same goes for heels, Melissa claimed: “If you have always loved heels but your feet now tell you otherwise, you might prefer wedges or block heels.”

A style change does not have to be a huge one: “It’s not about reinventing the wheel, just a few adjustments.”

Plus, swapping from stilettos to wedges or block or kitten heels is a much comfier alternative.

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