Blue Bloods season 13 delayed: CBS drama won’t air this week

Netflix Blue Bloods 13×10 Sneak Peek

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Though Danny Reagan (played by Donnie Wahlberg) was making progress in the love department it could be a while before fans are provided with a highly anticipated update. CBS confirmed a brief delay as Blue Bloods was met with a major scheduling shake-up. 

Blue Bloods was a huge hit when it first premiered in 2010 as many fans were enthralled by the family of law enforcers. 

Led by the police commissioner Frank Reagen (Tom Selleck) his adult children followed his footsteps as they chose their careers. 

Sadly for fans, they won’t be seeing a new instalment of the Reagan family this week as CBS has pushed episode 11 further into the future. 

As the show has been consistent with episodes it’s likely fans will be disappointed to see the new episode, The Big League won’t air this week.

Although the hiatus could be met with annoyance, fans can rest assured the delay will be short as Blue Bloods will return to screens the following week. 

As CBS confirmed, The Big Leagues will premiere Friday, February 3. 

Though bosses haven’t shared a reason for the hiatus, networks often take breaks within the season to keep the momentum going and viewers eager for new episodes.

This ensures the show’s viewership figures and ratings continue to climb as any significant drop could result in the series being cancelled. 

As episode 12 won’t premiere this week, CBS hasn’t released a synopsis for the upcoming episode. 

However, fans can expect to see the fallout of Danny’s date with detective Laura Acosta (Jessica Pimental). 

She was introduced in the previous episode after Sid Gormely (Robert Clohessy) asked Danny to ask Frank to help her get her full medical benefits. 

Acosta had been critically injured on the job when she filled in for Danny who took leave to grieve the death of his wife Linda (Amy Carlson). 

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Since Linda’s tragic death in season seven, Danny closed himself off to any hopes of new romance. 

When questioned about her connection to Danny, Laura shared she was covering his shift when her leg was crushed and suspected he had always felt guilty. 

Frank came to realise it wasn’t feelings of guilt but instead he had genuine romantic feelings for Laura. 

While Danny insisted: “Laura was there for me when Linda died, that’s all there was to it.”

However, Frank advised: “One thing we all have in common is that we all lost our wives way too soon. Me and Pop, we’ve made our peace with it. 

“But you were a lot younger than us. Maybe don’t follow in our footsteps in that way.”

This clearly worked as Danny revealed he was going on a dinner date with Laura, which was why he wasn’t eating during the Sunday dinner.  

With fans eager to hear how the date went, the upcoming episode could also provide an update on Erin Reagan’s (Bridget Moynahan) campaign for District Attorney. 

Blue Bloods season 13 returns to CBS on Friday, February 3. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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