Phantom Ringing Syndrome is the bizarre condition plaguing millennials who mistakenly think someone is calling them

The condition is said to be plaguing young people who believe their mobile is ringing – when actually, it isn't.

Dubbed "ringxiety" by psychologist David Laramie, the syndrome tricks people into believing their phone is going off, with sufferers often repeatedly checking their devices.

It's similar to phantom vibration syndrome – the belief that your phone is vibrating in your pocket.

It sounds bizarre, but it's actually more common than you might think.

According to CBS, in a study of almost 300 students in the States, 90 per cent "sometimes" feel the odd sensations while 40 per cent reveal they experience it "at least once a week".

So, why does it happen?

Randi Smith, clinical social worker and associate professor of psychology at Metropolitan State University of Denver, thinks it's all to do with the fear that we'll miss a text or a call.

"It's almost like a hallucination," she told CBS.

"There's a fear that we're going to miss a text, somebody is trying to reach us and we're not being responsive.

"I think it's a little scary how dependent most of us have become on our devices."

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