APR 21 – MAY 21

With the warrior planet heading for your own sign, and the smart understanding of Mercury controlling communication channels, there’s nothing you can’t say or do this week, once you’ve thought it through. 

Love barriers start to crumble when you are 100% honest, stop playing safe. And you really impress (maybe without realising) when you talk on camera.

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DESTINY DAYS: Stay true to a passion promise on Tuesday.  Be there for a new friend on Friday.  Say yes to a daring activity on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS: A restaurant or café with a colour in its name. A
competition identifying faces.  Locations famous for types of food.

DOUBLE “M” MOVES: Who you are, and how you come across, are a key part of Mars’ influence this week, while Mercury adds weight to your communication style. 

So you start the week in a position of personal strength, and even hopes that have started to fade can be so vivid and strong again. 

Work-wise, saying out loud, even just to yourself, what
you most hope to achieve, can start to turn it real. 

While in love terms, you don’t just make the first move, but all the other moves too!  And partners at every love-level will adore this!

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