Teen mum sparks fierce debate with the 'junk' she gives her toddler for brekkie but some say 'cake and crisps' is 'fine' | The Sun

A TEEN mum has sparked a fierce debate with the "junk" she gives her two-year-old for breakfast.

Mari is 18-years-old and regularly shares videos from her motherhood journey on her social media pages.

And in a recent clip, Mari showed herself dishing up breakfast for her toddler.

Into a divided plate, she put half of a blueberry muffin and six little biscuits with peanut butter sandwiched between them.

She also tipped a bottle of Pediasure shake into a cup for her little girl, suggesting she might be attempting to help her gain weight.

However, people were quick to comment on the breakfast in the comments section, with many mum-shaming Mari for the amount of sugar in there.

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"What kind of breakfast is this?" one wrote.

"Girl this is not breakfast this is cake!!!! Poor kid!!!" another added.

"This is just sugar?" a third wrote.

"Very unhealthy breakfast for an adult and for a child! More vitamins and nutrients better than sugar," someone else commented.

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"This is s**t not breakfast," another wrote.

"Poor kid," someone else sighed.

"And the 2 year old is also not to be envied. This is not a decent breakfast at all."

"Girl got time to get her nails done but no time to get her child proper breakfast ready," another said.

"This is what happens when you have a kid a 16 don't know how to feed them the right breakfast," someone else raged.

However, others insisted Mari is doing the best she can – and junk for breakfast is necessary sometimes.

"Mine had Halloween candy and piece of popcorn she found in the couch," one wrote.

"You’re doing fine."

"Good job, fruits important but you shouldn’t be being mum-shamed!" another added.

"You're doing better than most!"

"My child also sometimes requests muffins for breakfast and guess what? he's FIIIIIINE," a third added.

"Everyone hating just leave or scroll through," someone else urged.

"At least the child is fed for god sakes.

"You're doing amazing mama, keep doing what you’re doing."

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"Fed is fed," another agreed.

"The amount of people shaming you is horrible. You’re doing amazing mumma!"

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