I know UK's feeling the pinch – that's why I've limited Christmas spending to £2.8m, says multimillionaire dad-of-8 | The Sun

AS Britain’s first gay dads – who are also multi-millionaires – Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow are used to spoiling their kids at Christmas.

But this year, Barrie, 53, who has had eight kids via surrogacy, is capping his spend at an eye-watering £2.8million – but he's still buying his toddler a flat.

The Manchester-born businessman, who is worth an estimated £200m, said to Fabulous: “I know the whole country is feeling the pinch this year.

“I see and hear of people losing their jobs and homes, but it has been a super record year for me and our businesses this year – so I plan to celebrate!

“I’ve limited Christmas this year to no more than £2.8million but will make it extra special.”

After splitting with Tony, a few years ago, Barrie confirmed he had fallen for daughter Saffron’s ex Scott, and they are now engaged, and share Valentina, two, and baby Romeo, who arrived last August via surrogate.

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Barrie, who starred on Channel 5’s Rich House Poor House this year, revealed the jaw-dropping gift he has got for Scott’s gift.

An Audi for Scott

He shared: “Scott got his Christmas present early this year, a brand new Audi R8 worth £195,000.”

And he certainly isn’t holding back with presents for the rest of his family either.

The businessman said: “Aspen, my son, has recently started his own company buying land to build luxury apartments and houses. 

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“I wanted to get him something special to celebrate Christmas and his success, so a new Rolex and a G-wagon for him, worth over £300,000.

“For his wife, Pim, a new apartment in Bangkok, where she comes from, close to her family’s home, worth £1.8m and a new rose gold Rolex worth £30,000.

Anyone fancy a Rolex?

“For Orlando, a new Mercedes CLK and a Rolex worth over £200,000”

Meanwhile, daughter Saffron, 23, who welcomed baby Marina on June 24, is getting a platinum Rolex, a “whole new wardrobe” and a “bunch of the latest Louis Vuitton bags and cases.”

He added: “Whatever my girl wants she can have.

“I am still thinking about Romeo, I think a bunch of the latest toys and some investment property. 

“Always a good investment for the future.”

Barrie and ex-husband Tony made their money from various business ventures including a trans-Atlantic surrogacy business and a global medical research company.

And they certainly like to enjoy their money during the festive period.

Speaking of their plans, Barrie said: “We are flying both mine and Scott's family over to Miami to our beach house.

“But to make it extra special, I have a team of chefs and waiters and a full house staff to take care of their every whim.

Christmas Day is 'like Downton Abbey'

“Our Christmas dinner is like a scene from Downton Abbey and I love it.

“I love to buy the presents and to give them, but we have a team of seasonal staff around Christmas and I have those guys do the wrapping.”

Barrie insists that any criticism of his lavish spending habits are “water off a duck’s back.”

He added: “I really don’t care anymore what people say about me or my family.

“If I can turn a business around and make money to look after my family then anyone can.

“Those that can't, just spend all day moaning about those that can, and do.”

He also slammed people who expect money from wealthy people, saying: “In my humble opinion, there are opportunities out there, you have to go for them and take a chance, not sit around with your five-plus snotty-nosed kids expecting everyone else to take care of you.

Sick of begging letters – 'grow up'

“I am sick to death of the constant moaning, the begging letters and the ‘feel sorry for me’ letters that I get every day.

“I mean, come on people. Grow up and do something with your life.”

Barrie and ex-husband Tony made history in 1999 when they became the first British same-sex couple to be legally recognised as parents, after welcoming twins Saffron and Aspen, 23, through surrogacy.

They went on to have son Orlando, followed by twins Jasper and Dallas. 

Barrie also has son Colin, who is now in his thirties, from a previous relationship.

Split up, but still close

Sadly, Barrie and Tony split after growing apart, but they still remain committed to one another.

Tony was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2006. They started sleeping in separate bedrooms and their relationship became platonic.

The pair agreed to amicably split, but have continued cohabiting in their 10-bedroom mansion and are supportive of each other's relationships.

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Barrie is used to £20,000 meals out and living in seven lavish mansions around the world, including in Florida and Essex.

Giving up his millions, he was recently forced to live on a council estate with a £57 budget for a week on Channel 5’s Rich House Poor House, as he swapped lives with a struggling mum.

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