The animal you see in this optical illusion reveals your personality & whether you’re strong minded, so what do you see? | The Sun

AT first glance, which animal do you see when you look at this festive optical illusion?

The Christmas-themed image actually features eight different animals associated with the holiday season – and which one you choose reveals a lot about your personality.

So whether you spot a Partridge, famous from the Twelve Days of Christmas song, or one of Father Christmas’ trusty Reindeers, you’ll be able to find out more about the type of person you are.

Here we uncover what the results of the fun test, which was created by Jackpotjoy, really mean, plus what others see when they look at you.


If this was the first animal to jump out at you, there’s plenty to take away from it.

According to the experts, not only do you value privacy, but also tranquillity and consistency. 

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It could also mean that you are a reliable person, known for loyalty and responsibility, but that you may not be particularly spontaneous.


Spotting the donkey means one overriding thing – you’re a very strong-minded individual. 

You are known for standing your ground and have no qualms about shooting from the hip if you see fit. 

However, that’s not to take away from your loving side, as you’re also known in your circle for being kind and offering helpful care and guidance

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Santa’s trusty Reindeer have lots in common with you.

Firstly, you like being in a tribe or a close part of a community – just like Rudolph and co.

Meanwhile, people rely on you for your knowledge and resilience. 


If your eye is drawn to the little red-breasted bird, it indicates that you’re a practical problem solver. 

You’re also focused on completing your goals – so probably like a to-do list – but are still considerable despite your ambition.

Other things that come to mind are that you have an appreciation for the beauty of art, nature, and the simple things in life. 


The dove is a sure fire sign of love and friendship, which means you are likely to be seen as the considerate and calm individual in your group. 

Not only do you love helping others and are very people oriented, but people credit you with creating a peaceful environment wherever you go.

As you are so laid-back and kind, you often avoid any signs of conflict and hate change. 

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Perhaps the animal that is most synonymous with Christmas, the turkey has many tell-tale signs about you.

This animal indicates you are likely to be generous with others but also selfless as you don’t expect anything in return.

You also are known for paying close attention to your loved one’s wants and needs, and always nurturing your relationships. 


Just like the little creature, you’re full of energy and are seen by others as cheerful and self-confident.

What’s more, you are never scared of new situations and thrive when you’re outside of your comfort zone. 

So whether you’re throwing yourself, whether this means a new challenge, meeting new people or going out of your comfort zone!  


Finally, the partridge is a sign that you value your close friends and family. 

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This means that once someone has gained your trust and confidence, you will have an unwavering and amazing loyalty to them. 

Meanwhile, you also tend to be on the quieter side and keep yourself to yourself when you’re not feeling comfortable. 

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