The bra hack you don’t know that makes wearing chunky jumpers and midi skirts so much chicer without that fupa lump | The Sun

DO you love the on-trend look of a midi skirt and a chunky jumper? 

If so, you might be guilty of making the mistake of wearing it in the totally wrong way. 

A fashion pro lifted the lid on the common error she sees with the otherwise stylish ensemble – and it’s all to do with how you tuck in your knitwear.

But the good news is that she also gave away the details of an easy fix – and how the bra you’re wearing will come to the rescue. 

Fashion fan @petiteelliee explained: “I see so many girls making this mistake when it comes to wearing knits and midi skirts.

“I’m here to basically stop you from making that mistake.”

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She continued: “So if you’re like me and like a little tuck when it comes to your midi skirts, do not tuck it into the waistband.

“STOP tucking it into the waistband.”

Ellie then showed exactly what she meant, as she tucked in her jumper to her skirt and pointed out the bulge, often referred to as the fupa lump.

She then said: “I mean, what is that?! You get this massive bulge, it really doesn’t look cute and it really doesn’t look nice.”

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But Ellie said she had other women’s backs covered, as she added: “So here is my tip when it comes to tucking in your knits.

“Do not tuck them into your waistband – instead grab the bottom of your jumper and tuck it into your bra.” 

Ellie then demonstrated the easy fashion hack, as she folded her black jumper up lightly into her underwear – and unveiled how it leaves no lump behind whatsoever. 

Dishing out more advice, she said: “It works with any kind of bra, or bralettes, and look how much cuter that is.

“The difference it makes, I feel like it gives me so much more of a waist and makes my legs look longer.

“And it’s actually super comfy as well – it’ll literally stay there all day and it gives you that really cute tucked up look without the huge bulge around your waist.”

It didn’t take long for her 2.8k followers and other TikTok users to comment on her helpful fashion advice.

One person said: “SUCH a good tip.” While another labelled Ellie “the Queen of these tips.”

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