This under £20 heated gilet is ideal for saving on heating

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Many heated clothing items and accessories have been best-selling this year and with energy bills rising now is the perfect time to invest in one.

Electric USB Heated Gilet

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Wowcher’s USB heated gilet is ideal for colder temperatures, with a padded, sleeveless design featuring heated pads that are powered by a phone, laptop or powerbank. The piece comes in three different colours and is currently under £20.

To minimise use of central heating, many are looking for cheaper ways to stay warm.

Although electric blankets are a popular solution for inside the house, one of the newer options is a heated gilet.

Wowcher has several options for heated gilets, at various price points, but the Electric USB Heated Gilet is the most popular.

Currently reduced from £49.99 to £19.99, the gilet has more than 50 percent off, but this could be for a limited time, so shoppers should be quick if they want to take advantage of the discount.

Buy: Electric USB Heated Gilet (£19.99)

Over 40,000 people have bought the heated gilet, which comes in a choice of three colours, blue, black and red.

The temperatures are adjustable, and those who purchase it will be able to choose from three temperature settings to warm up the heated pads on the back and back of neck.

The sizes available are women’s UK sizes six to 16 men’s sizes XS to 2XL, and the sleeveless design is handy for layering over a jumper or underneath a jacket.

The gilet can be worn as a normal layer, or in order to power the heating element, it needs to plugged into a powerbank, phone or laptop.

A useful present for someone who’s often cold, the gilet is guaranteed to come in time for Christmas if purchased before 12pm today.

The delivery time us up to 10 days, but heated gilets are not available at many retailers, so Wowcher option is one of the more affordable options on the market.

Plus, Wowcher’s flexible purchasing means that after purchasing the voucher, before redeeming, shoppers have the option to redeem against another item on the site if they change their mind.

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