Tori Spelling is an ‘underdog’ who could earn $5m in a comeback amid $1.3m tax debt & marriage woes, expert says | The Sun

TORI Spelling could be bearing the brunt of her and her husband's debts while managing their rocky marriage, a celebrity expert has suggested.

But he thinks the reality star won't end up the loser as she tries to claw back the cash via endorsement deals.

Recently, it was revealed that Tori owes $1.3million in tax liens.

And according to documents filed with the Los Angeles County Recorder’s Office, these debts had accumulated over a number of years.

In October 2016, Tori was also sued by American Express Centurion Bank for unpaid credit card bills which she has since paid off.

In an exclusive interview, celebrity endorsement expert Evan Morgenstein told The U.S. Sun: "Someone like Tori Spelling, who comes from money, still has to grind for everything she gets.

“She's also the person I see as an underdog.

“I’ve always been empathetic towards Tori and think she could earn between $1million to $5million if everything goes well for her.

“For her to get out of her tax debt, she can probably do it.

“There's pressure with repaying debt, but she's the main earner of the family and understands her responsibility.

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"She got married, and the marriage is rocky and there are all kinds of rumors, and then there's the IRS issue.

“Anytime you owe anybody money, it's overwhelming."

Despite Tori's status and having grown up within a high-performing family, the 49-year-old mom of five has reportedly been struggling financially over the years.

Her father, the legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling, was said to be one of Hollywood's richest and lavished his kids, Randy and Tori, with anything they could ever want or need.

Through the years though and while Tori kicked off her acting career, it was her allegedly careless spending habits that set a downward spiral.

Then and despite starring in several reality shows, including The Masked Singer and Celebrity Show-Off, Tori struggled through several failed businesses.

More recently, Tori has appeared back on screen starring on MTV’s Messyness.

She also looks to have been bulking up her social media profile as an influencer in the lucrative celebrity endorsement space.

After the New Year, Tori seems to have enjoyed an expensive meal out with her family and before then, a lavish hotel break in North San Diego, as well as a non-invasive laser treatment for her wrinkles.

Previously, she posted on her Instagram feed that she'd undergone an MRI scan and was obsessed with a relaxing weighted blanket.

“Tori’s responsibility is to build a great future for her family because they're going to go to college," adds Evan.

"And who knows what Dean's doing.

“I believe Tori has a deal, or had a deal, with Pfizer and so I think she's doing something in the pharmaceutical space.

"I've no knowledge of what Dean's doing, but I think she probably has a mentality of, 'it's all on my shoulders.'

“Hopefully he's taking care of his responsibilities but she's the one with the massive potential.

“Her situation's unique and she should be making no less than half a million with a chance to make over a million every year.

“I think she's very valuable and while she has issues, in terms of the marketplace, I think she's got the opportunity to make a lot of money.

“Look at Lindsay Lohan as a reality star, who still makes deals.

“If Tori has a good year consisting of brand deals, visibility, and positive PR, she' probably going to get another TV show as well.

“She's got that ability and has massive potential.”

As the daughter of Aaron Spelling and in her youth, Tori Spelling was said to be worth millions.

But after her father’s death in 2007, the former Beverly Hills 90210 star received a paltry $800,000 out of his massive estate.

Before then, Tori’s parents were said to have disapproved of her affair with Dean McDermott who she’d met on a TV set in 2005.

And it was because the pair were both married.

Amazingly, Dean and Tori went on to marry in 2006 and had five children together, Liam, 15, Stella, 14, Hattie, 10, Finn, nine, and Beau, five.

But the cracks began to show with Tori and Dean struggling after Dean’s reported infidelity in 2013.

“When people say Tori Spelling, some people will think of the past and some will ask what’s she going to do to elevate herself," adds Evan who reps influencers in the celebrity space.

“It’s got to change from, oh, poor Tori, or Tori got screwed, or Tori married Dean.

“I remember when her dad was alive and had the biggest home in Los Angeles.

“He was a visionary who changed the television landscape.

“Tori has fame, is a smart woman, and makes decisions for the household.

“But I think she finds bad situations or bad situations find her.

“I also think growing up as Aaron Spelling's daughter and her mom that she really understands public perception.

“Her dad was working with people like Farah Fawcett and Jacqueline Smith.”

Evan, whose talent representation agency looks after influencers like Jen Selter, has represented Kris and Kaitlyn Jenner in the past.

“I’ll equate Tori with Kris Jenner who is an icon of her own right and hellbent on being successful," he explains.

“If Tori was given a higher inheritance instead when her father passed, then she may be in a different situation.

“Kris has many kids that have become multi-millionaires, if not billionaires, and have managed to develop and grew all those relationships.

“Now Kanye has taken such air out of the balloon, no matter what the Kardashians do, Kanye has made them look good.

“For Tori, she’s got a huge chance and an opportunity.

“Tori's not a criminal and just handled her money the way she handled her money.

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“A lot of influencers, celebrities, and reality stars don't think about the fact that they're going to owe taxes.

“For Tori, I think she could find such happiness in building her own product line because I think she'd be phenomenal at it.”

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