A WOMAN has revealed just some of the trolling she’s received online after re-marrying her ex husband.

Posting to TikTok, Georgia Lawrence regularly shares stories about her family, and the fact that she and her husband previously divorced one another, but eventually rekindled their romance and have since remarried.

And while she and her husband seem perfectly happy with one another, Georgia has been on the receiving end of a lot of trolling and hate comments from people who don’t understand her relationship.

In the time the two were apart, Georgia’s husband actually got another woman pregnant and had a daughter.

Now Georgia says she loves this daughter just as much as she does her biological kids, referring to herself as a “bonus mum.”

In one video even says that she believes that she and her husband didn’t work the first time because it was fate that his daughter would be born.


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Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped the trolls from criticising her, and in a recent video Georgia shares some of the most common  comments she receives.

While the couple have been happily remarried for three years now, and have matured and changed since their first marriage, people still tell Georgia that she’s just going to end up divorced again.

She’s also faced a lot of commenters telling her “that’s not your kid,” but Georgia argues that biology has nothing to do with loving you kids, and that ‘mum’ is a title that’s earned.

Similarly, she regularly gets asked “where’s the real mum?” 

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Georgia adds that she often gets told she must have no self respect if she’s remarried her ex.

The comment section of her video about trolls quickly filled with support, with one commenter writing: “People are pathetic! You enjoy your life and good for you, your husband and kids!”

“That baby is so lucky to have twice the love! Her biological mom and her bonus mom,” added another.

Some commenters even revealed that they had similar life stories.

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“I went back with my ex now we’re engaged and had another baby,” wrote one.

While a second added: “My husband remarried me after I left and had another child.. we have 2 older children! It works.”

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