Trolls say my mum tum looks like a bum and tell me to cover up but I don't care, I won't stop wearing bikinis | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that trolls say her 'mum tum' looks like a bum and often tell her to cover up, but it won’t stop her showing off her figure online.

Jennifer Hanniston (@onlyjenniferh) recently took to social media to respond to a nasty comment from a troll that compared her stomach to a bum.

In a TikTok clip posted just 15 hours ago, we saw Jennifer wearing a pair of short denim shorts with a purple halterneck crop top, showing off her stomach. 

She shared her clip in response to a comment that read: “Looks like an a*****e.”

To this nasty message, Jennifer laughed and said: “Oh, you’re talking about me? I thought you were talking about yourself.” 

Her clap back at the troll video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 92.6k views.

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It has 3,676 likes, 172 comments and 23 shares.

Many social media users took to the comments to share their support for Jennifer.

One person said: “Little boys just don’t know what a mum Tum is obvs. You look beautiful.” 

Another added: “Do people just think we can grow a child in our belly without it stretching at all? I love every one of my tiger stripes.” 

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A third commented: “I'm 43 and still can't get my head round how people make comments like this… crazy world.” 

Whilst someone else noted: “Embrace the mum tum, you're stunning!!!” 

In another clip, Jennifer responded to another comment from a nasty troll.

The comment shared sick emojis and read: “Put some clothes on” to which Jennifer replied: “Why would I do that? I live in Costa Rica.

“It's hot abroad, so I’ll keep wearing the bikinis.” 

Jennifer later added: “I don’t give a f**k who talks behind my back.” 

In response to those who think “women with stretch marks are gross”, Jennifer clapped back: “Shut up it is not.”

She often uses the hashtag ‘stretch marks are beautiful’ and confirmed: “I love my body.”

The social media user also noted: “I’m no spring chicken, I’m fully aware that my boobs have sagged and I’ve got stretch marks. 

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“But that’s the thing with self-love, you just don’t care. 

“I like to bring women up, not tear them down.”

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