Friendly cat interrupts BBC reporter during live TV broadcast

A friendly cat interrupted a journalist for BBC Breakfast as he was delivering a live broadcast.

Dave Guest was walking down an alleyway in Manchester when the cat saw the purr-fect chance to grab its 15 minutes of fame.

Guest was reporting on the idea that the alleyways could be transformed into splendid “ginnel gardens”.

When suddenly, feline leapt onto a bench where the reporter was sat.

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As the cat leaps onto the bench, Guest says: “Hello, I’ve got an unexpected guest, oh hello” as he pets the animal.

The cat seemed undettered in its quest to remain on the screen and squeezed its way behind the reporter before looking into the camera.

Guest is then seen moving to accommodate the animal who remained on the screen.

Social media users reacted to the cat. Fellow TV reporter Luxmy Gopal said: “Appears right on cue and on his mark: give this cat a job at @BBCBreakfast – he’s a natural on live TV!”

While another said: “I like the way he says “I’ve got a guest” at just the time the caption comes up with his name – Dave Guest. Makes it look like the cat’s name is Dave.”

Luxmy Gopal

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