Want to feel really old? Jude Law's cute kid from The Holiday looks totally unrecognisable… and she's had a baby | The Sun

YOU’LL remember her as Jude Law’s adorable daughter Sophie in Christmas classic The Holiday.

But now Fabulous can reveal Miffy Englefield is all grown up – and had a baby in lockdown. 

Miffy, 23, who lives in Littlehampton, West Sussex, with her partner, drummer Alex Whivley-Conway, 26, became a mum to baby girl Frankie on April 23, 2020. 

“She arrived at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester three days early after 21 hours of labour,” said Miffy. “Then my temperature soared, doctors realised I had an infection and I was rushed for a c-section.

“I was pumped full of antibiotics and kept in hospital for two days. Alex was only able to visit me for two hours a day. 

“It was really scary and because I’m a bit punky and so young I think people judged me… I should have shown them my IMDB page and told them I starred in a film with Cameron Diaz!” 

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Miffy was just six when she stole the hearts of viewers after bagging a role in The Holiday, starring alongside Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Emma Pritchard who played her on-screen sister.

The touching rom-com – which The Sun revealed is getting a sequel starring its original quartet – has quickly become as much a part of Christmas as mince pies and present-stuffed stockings.

In the movie, highly-strung Amanda, played by Cameron, strikes up a surprising romance with cheeky chappy Graham, played by Jude.

Amanda starts to suspect Graham of sleeping with other women when she overhears him on the phone but it transpires that he is actually just the father to Sophie and Emma.

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“It was amazing being in it,” Miffy laughed. “Everytime it is on telly – and it is a lot – I crack up. It’s on Netflix now too.

“Alex thinks it is really funny. He tells everyone. We watched it together but to be honest it makes me want to rip my eyes out. It’s so embarrassing.”

At the time Miffy, who told how she would perform tongue twisters off-set with Jude, was only in primary school.

But now she can accept he is really hot.

“Jude had so much time for us,” she said. “He was always giving me tips about acting. We would sit and do tongue twisters with him between takes.

“Go back about 10 years when he was in Alfie and yes, to be honest,I probably do fancy him. 

“But no, I don’t fancy him in The Holiday – that would be really weird. He played me dad!”

She told how all the stars were “really, really nice”.

“The film was shot back to front,” she explained. “We started filming the end scene where we all danced in the living room first. It was good because it broke the ice and we got to know each other well.”

Describing the cast, she said: “Everyone was so sweet, kind and down-to-earth. 

“I didn’t know who Cameron and Jude were because I was six. But I did know who Jack was because my dad was really into alternative music and I liked [his band] Tenacious D. The first time I met him I bounded up to him and said, ‘I love your music’. He was like ‘that is ridiculous, you are six years old.’”

She said the cast – despite being Hollywood elite – were all “really patient with her”.

“Cameron is a wonderful and glamorous American lady,” she said. “She was always so focused. I was bouncing around on set at 5am, hyped up on sugary American cereals, and she was so nice.

“Jack Black is Jack Black – there’s no other way of describing it. He’s as you expect him to be.

“Kate Winslet is so lovely. At the premier she carried my little brother around and was covering him in kisses.”

Miffy, who grew up “poor” in Andover, Hampshire, with her dad Danny, 42, and stepmum Danijela, 30, told how as a child she had a tough upbringing. “At one point we were even homeless,” she admitted. “But dad was wonderful.

“I was a true show off, ridiculously confident and really noisy.

Jude had so much time for us. He was always giving me tips about acting. We would sit and do tongue twisters with him between takes.

“I originally started acting as a way to earn money.

“I didn’t come from a great background. We struggled with homelessness. I had way too much confidence – I would even put on random shows in the street for strangers.

“My dad decided to channel it into something positive and put me into acting classes and I signed up for an agency.

“The hope was I would get a couple of adverts to pay for the acting classes.”

But in around 2005 she was invited to attend a casting for an unnamed film in London. “There was no information about it,” she explained. “Initially there were 25,000 girls applying to be in it and over several months we were whittled down.”

Eventually – in front of top director Nancy Meyers – she took part in one last audition. 

“I jumped all round the house.”

She was granted a working visa and headed to Hollywood for three months where they built “random parts” of the idyllic Surrey village where journalist Kate’s character lives. 

Then she worked for another few months in Shere, near Guildford, Surrey.

“As soon as I arrived in LA it was back-to-back wardrobe fittings,” she said. 

“It was mad, going from a council estate to that. But I loved it.”

She was surprised by how well-loved the film was but can see it’s charm.

“I have seen it quite a lot. My sister, Ashleigh, who is now 19, used to watch every night when she was seven to help her go to sleep. That’s a bit weird when I think about it. 

“But I’ll definitely show Frankie it when she is a bit older.”

I have seen The Holiday quite a lot. My sister, Ashleigh used to watch every night when she was seven to help her go to sleep. That’s a bit weird when I think about it.

When she entered her early teens she decided to quit acting. “It was taking up a lot of mine and dad’s time and I have two younger siblings who also needed his attention.

I don’t regret it, although it was fun,” she said, adding she didn’t know how much she made from the film.

She met Alexat a gig and didn’t find out she was expecting until five months gone.

“I was missing periods so took three pregnancy tests but they all came back negative,” she said.

“I’d actually lost weight and was a size six. I went to the doctor and he thought it was just hormones.

"Then, at five months pregnant, I felt a kick.

“Alex was really shocked but I felt quite chilled out.I thought, ‘well, I guess it’s happening now… not much I can do.’

“And I am really lucky as Frankie is so great. It isn’t easy having a baby in a pandemic. She’s really sociable and I would love  for her to meet more children though.”

She said motherhood has been good for her. “A couple of years ago I was a punk, downing cider, whereas now I am pureeing food and researching the best nurseries… it is funny.

“If she wanted to be an actress I would support her. But I’m not in touch with my cast mates, although I did chat to Nancy on Instagram a few months ago. 

“And I know what people will say… the little girl from The Holiday is a mum – god, I must be really old.”

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