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LOOKING good can take a lot of work, with many people spending hours sitting in front of a mirror doing their hair and make-up.

But thanks to this hilarious TikTok trend, we now know we’re not alone in our accidental catfishing.

That's right, women are taking to the social media platform to share their most glamorous selfies, in comparison to how they look without the glam, in the new viral ‘Catfish challenge’.

One woman, Mikayla Nogueira, took to the video sharing platform to show off her catfish challenge.

The 24-year-old make-up artist has amassed an impressive 13.7million followers and 992.9million likes on the social media app and shared a clip of her make-up and hair transformation with the caption ‘It’s the same person I swear’.

In the video, we initially see Mikayla fresh-faced as she shows off her stunning skin without any make-up.

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People are shocked at my catfish transformation – here’s my beauty secrets

People are shocked at my catfish transformation – many are saying the same thing

She also has dye on her eyebrows and hair.

But just seconds later, the beauty whizz shows off her finished look – with her hair freshly blow dried and her make-up complete. 

Mikayla shows off her glamorous make-up, complete with a bold blue lipstick and a set of large fluttery false eyelashes. 

Thanks to Mikayla’s simple hacks – which involve dying her hair and eyebrows, as well as her impressive make-up skills, she is able to completely transform her appearance.

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We think Mikayla looks fabulous with and without her make-up, but the MUA revealed that some people struggle to recognise her without all of her glam.

Previously, Mikayla revealed that one person rudely commented on one of her videos saying “And this ladies and gentlemen, is a level 10 catfisher”. 

Mikayla posted her video just 15 hours ago, but it has clearly left many very impressed, as it has already racked up a whopping 1.4million views.

It has 139.6k likes, 1,009 comments and 114 shares. 

TikTok users were stunned at Mikayla’s transition and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “It looks SO good. Blue is your colour”. 

Another added: “Ohh damn!!! You are GORGEOUS!!” 

A third commented: “Ahhhhhhhh!!! I love it!!!” 

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In a follow-up video, the beauty fan shared how she does her eyeliner, as well as her blue lip routine.

She explained: “I always start by carving out the outer wing portion, so the bottom of the wing.

“I line it up with the end of the tail of my eyebrow, then I draw the top of the wing.

“I personally like to create an outline before I fill anything in.

“Once I finish the outline of the wing, I actually move on to the inner corner – I do this because the inner corner tends to be the difficult spot and I like to do it first so that when I fill in the wing, the inner corner is already done.

“I’m a perfectionist, I take my time. 

“You do not need to do your eyeliner quickly to be good at eyeliner, I happen to do it really, really slow.

“Make sure to fill in every crevice and then decide if you want to do it thicker or not”. 

In another video, Mikayla shares how she achieves her bold blue lips.

She starts off by cleaning her lips with a make-up wipe, before putting some pressed powder onto her lips.

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Following this, she takes a bold blue eyeliner and lines her lips.

She adds a blue lipstick and then takes a shimmery eyeshadow and applies some to her lips using a small brush.

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