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A COUPLE has transitioned from a huge house to tiny home living, saying a few key features have made all the difference.

Lacey and her husband transitioned from living in a large house to their smaller 'barndominium' on a farm, documenting the switch along the way on TikTok.

The tiny home is deceptively spacious, containing amenities some full-sized homes do not come equipped with.

Before prepping for her crawfish boil, Lacey gave her followers a long-requested house tour.

"It's a hot mess right now," she pre-empted the video with.

At 750 square feet, the front door opens into her kitchen with marble-topped counters, white built-in cabinets and an island where they typically eat.

Unlike many average-sized homes, this tiny home has a walk-in pantry with an industrial-sized refrigerator and freezer and shelves dedicated to just spices.

With their couch touching a kitchen counter-top, the living room is a smaller space of the house that Laey shows off right before showing the threshold to the bedroom.

Featuring a King-sized bed, the bedroom has a full wall of built-in cabinets with an intentional purpose.

"I did tons of built-ins because I knew we'd need storage," says Lacey in her voiceover.

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The next room over is the bathroom which contains double sinks, a light-up mirror a shower and a bathtub.

Lacey's barndominium also features a large walking closet with floor-to-ceiling shelving and storage.

The main house has a large covered porch where the couple entertains company, although they plan to revamp their outdoor kitchen to affix it with a stovetop as well.

They did not begin in the barndominium right away, first, they were in an even smaller living situation.

Their transitional tiny home now acts as a guest house with bunk beds, kitchenette and lounge area.

The couple had lived in this space for eight months before their permanent home was ready.

"We just moved in two months ago, and we're still transitioning, we went from a really big house to a really small house. So this has been a huge adjustment," she explains.

Part of that adjustment was more than simply making sure there was enough storage.

"We got rid of all of our furniture, most of our belongings, so it's kinda been a lot," the TikToker said.

Despite the struggles, her journey has seemed to enamor viewers as they ask for more details.

"Can you do a cost breakdown of how much your barndominium cost pleaseeeeeeeeee! I want to build one but I don’t want to get in over my head!" commenters one follower.

Mostly people were amazed by her use of space.

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"Your little 750sqft house seems bigger than my 1600sqft house," read one comment.

"I’m in a 850sqft apartment and this place looks AT LEAST 4x as big!" said another viewer in agreement.

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