We live in a caravan, it’s cheaper than renting a house – we eat out and go holiday lots because we have extra cash | The Sun

A COUPLE have revealed how they moved into a caravan to save money – and it enables them to eat out and go on holiday with the extra cash.

They shared a “brutally honest” behind-the-scenes look at their frugal life and said they have managed to save £10,000 in 12 months and reduce their bills by 80 per cent.

On their @effingoff account, they revealed how they forked out £5,500 for the caravan and were lucky enough to have family land to put it on.

But they did have some great advice for those who didn’t have that luxury.

The man said: “If you are looking for a patch of land somewhere, these types of land aren’t usually advertised on the internet.

“My suggestion would be word of mouth, put a few posts out on Facebook, ask family, friends and even go ask farmers because there might be a corner of their field they are just not using that they’d be willing to rent out for a small price a month.”

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He said that many people ask why would they put themselves through the “cold winters” and live in a caravan and not a house.

However, the couple insist the benefits outweigh the negatives.

The man explained: “For us it’s part of a much bigger plan, which is allowing us to save money a lot quicker and we’ve just bought a bus which we are converting.

“We are able to do that and go on holiday and eat out quite a lot, live a pretty good lifestyle considering the economy.”

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The couple power their home using a power line which was available on the land but he said that they otherwise would have used solar panels.

They didn’t need planning permission as they claim their caravan is classed as a “temporary structure” or a “non-permanent structure” which can be moved at any time.

Instead of forking out a huge sum for a house, they managed to buy the caravan for £5,500 but he has seen them “a lot cheaper”. 

He said: “I’ve even seen them for free if you pay for removal or transport.

“The transport we paid was £1,500.”

Many people were quick to praise their lifestyle, with one saying: “Living your best life.”

Another added: “Sounds like glamping.”

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