We're Air Fryer pros and there are six things you didn't know you could cook in yours, including popcorn and toasties | The Sun

WE all love an Air Fryer.

But for many of us, it's a whole new world – and we never know what we can and can't cook in ours.

So the Air Fryer pros over at Swan have put together a handy TikTok video revealing "six things you didn't know you can make" in your appliance.

The video began with jacket potatoes, before going on to list toasties as another food item you probably hadn't considered cooking in the Air Fryer.

Cookies are another one, as well as toad in the holes or Yorkshire puddings and even tortilla chips.

The pros concluded their video by suggesting you try cooking popcorn in your Air Fryer next time you want a quick snack.

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"You can literally make anything in an Air Fryer," they captioned the video.

And the comments section was quickly filled with people admitting they'd never thought to use theirs for those kind of foods.

"Popcorn, cookies?" one person asked.

"Oh yes!" the experts replied.

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"How long for jacket potatoes?" another asked.

To which the pros answered: "7 mins in microwave, then 35 mins in the air fryer at 120 degrees."

"My toastie top slice goes flying off in my air fryer," someone else complained.

As the experts responded: "Oh no!

"Sometimes adding some cheese will help it stick."

"Don't forget boiled eggs!" another person commented.

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