We’re food whizzes – the real reason why your food is going soggy in the Air Fryer and how to fix it in a flash | The Sun

IF YOU have an air fryer you already know what a revelation it is in the kitchen.

Although it might seem like the handy gadget can do anything, there are some massive mistakes people always make, leaving them with soggy food.

So if you want to avoid the disappointing meals, don't worry – there are a few simple tricks to keep in mind to make sure your grub is always perfectly crisp.

According to Home economist Fiona Mair, failing to preheat your air fryer is one of the main reasons your food comes out soggy.

Just like you preheat your oven, you should also give your air fryer chance to warm up before adding whatever you want to cook.

Although you don't need to do this with precooked foods, it will make a huge difference with food like potatoes, meat and fish.

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The food whizz told Choice.com: “It's important to preheat your air fryer when cooking these types of foods so it's the correct temperature at the start, that way, food starts to cook and crisp immediately."

If you already preheat your air fryer but are still left with soggy food, it could also be because you're overfilling the basket.

We get it – you want to dig in as soon as possible, but that might mean cooking in smaller batches if you've got a lot to heat up.

If there's too much food in the basket the food wont go crispy because the air can't circulate, meaning it will steam your grub instead.

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Where you keep your trust air fryer could also be causing your food to turn soggy.

Make sure yours isn't pressed up against a wall and has space to properly ventilate to avoid a sad, soggy meal.

And although you can cook just about anything in your air fryer, that doesn't include food with wet or loose batter.

Fiona said: "Batter needs to set immediately, which is why it won't work well in an air fryer. 

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“Stick to precooked crumbed and battered foods instead as the coating will stay on much better than fresh versions."

Finally, adding extra oil is a big no-no for precooked food in air fryers, most of the time you wont need to add anything at all unless it's fresh, homemade food.

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